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When ordering my springs..

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About to order my fork springs from race tech. What else do I need to get? Some fluid? What kind and weight should I get? What else will I need?
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Spring rate calcs

Speedworks (Brian),

Do you agree with the spring rate calulators on the racetech website for riders weight as a good guide? :tt:

:sorry: Pickle for jacking your thread. I was not smart enough to post up on the forum 1st. :sob: Must be the squid in me coming through. :cry: I ordered heavier springs from Racetech this past weekend. I was going to see what the springs would come with and go from there on seeking assistance.

Just wondering the same things and to see how deep I might have gotten myself in. I did a pretty deep review of the service manual and it looks like I only need to replace a rubber o-ring under the fork bolt. If I only change the springs.

I was planning on using the mfg recommended fork oil, (Honda SS-8- 10W).


:sorry: :jacked:


Thanks for the info.

Last year I had a basic setup done trackside by an Ohlins rep. and he cranked the stuff out of the preload it worked great for me much better feel of the track. During the rest of the day I took off about eleven seconds on lap times with the better feel. So I went with Racetech recommendations for a stiffer ride.

When cutting the spacers to size what type of edge condition should I leave, i.e just burr removal or fine sand paper beveled (sp) finish? And would the spacer go in first then the spring on top?

Is the spacer length intuitive, longer spacer equals higher pre-load?

What is the effect of heavier or or lighter fork oil? Does lighter oil equal quicker rebound and less dampening or is that backwards?

If I were to feel that I'm in over my head what would re-spring cost from Speedwerks?

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1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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