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Wher does everyone shop?

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Just wondering where everyone gets there parts. I'm looking for some barends, a new grab bar and a battery. I would like to here your pros and cons of online buying. And any other helpful info. Thanx :dthumb:
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twisty said: best in price and they get you the parts in 3 days.
I do like kneedraggers..... best prices I've seen.

Speed, is another good source....

But I do buy ALOT on EBay.

I haven't, yet, had a problem with purchasing anything online. I use PayPal as much as I can. But I buy so much online it's sick!!

Not too mention that if you have any problems with your credit card...just call them and tell them. They'll take care of it.
I find the same problem with my 9R... There may be 2 companies that make ____ part for my bike. But 16 companies that make the same part for a R1 or GSXR!!! :rant:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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