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Where did you ride this weekend thread

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It's now Monday. I was wondering where everyone rode this weekend. Me and two thugs (whom have been known to frequent this great site) :lol: rode to Georgia and went to some bizarre motorcycle accessory place. I say bizzare b/c they sell a mixture of junk...from Kymco motorcycles to gear for infants. :cheers:
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bumblebee said:
his wife forced him to sell it. :yikes: :tt: It is perfect, show room condition...

Yo - a yellow RR with less than 1000 miles on it is harder to find than a new wife. Poor guy made the wrong choice. :bonk: Oh well - one man's loss is another mans gain :lol:
Grafixx01 said:
I didn't ride as some idiota stole my plates. Reported it to the police though.

As for the ride to Georgia, where (like what town) was this shop in?

As for the plates, what I did when I lived in Dallas was go to Home Depot and buy nuts and bolts and tighten them down on my plate instead of the butterfly wingnuts that any passer by can take off. Another friend even used lock tight on his and just used an air impact when he removed the plate.

The chrome shop was in Thomasville (my sister looks good naked) Georgia :lol:
About 1 am this morning I was taking my contacts out just after flushing the toilet (and washing my hands) and heard a noise that sounded like I was in Niagra Falls, unfortunately a screw on the back of my toilet has come loose. Here's a picture: and no animals were harmed in this reenactment :lol:

Congrats on the bike again! :willy:
I have a meeting @ Central @ 700pm, but I should be done about 8 or 830......about the time that the queen Bee gets home. So I say we ride out. :mc1: :mc2: :mc3:
bumblebee If I told what he is paying for it none of you would believe me...[/QUOTE said:
I probably would :lol:
99birdv6 said:
Of course you would seeig that you were the one who pointed it out to me. :cheers:
:lol: true
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