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Which Jet Kit??

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Anyone have any recommendations on which jet kit to install in a 96 CBR600F3? I have a K&N filter installed, stock engine, and full Yosh system. I have found only the stage 1 kits listed, but know someone who claims to have installed a stage 3 in their F3.

Any suggestions?

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i always liked Factory kits...dynojet kits are good but factory seemed to be pretty much spot on....
Gas Man said:
Yeah, but on a basic street bike you want a stage 2...

Call dynojet... or check their site... don't have the link with me (cause I'm at work)... then when you get it. You can call them and tell them what you have and they will suggest which jet to replace your OEM one with...
i always remembered it to be

stage 1....stock air filter, full exhaust

stage 2....replacement air filter, full exhaust

stage3...individual air filters, full exhaust
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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