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Which Jet Kit??

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Anyone have any recommendations on which jet kit to install in a 96 CBR600F3? I have a K&N filter installed, stock engine, and full Yosh system. I have found only the stage 1 kits listed, but know someone who claims to have installed a stage 3 in their F3.

Any suggestions?

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I may do more harm than good because i'm old school and kinda new to sportbikes.
But on older bikes you would star off by adding 20% to your jet size when installing k&n's. for example ~if your main jet is 100 you would move up to a 120.. :2cents:
jeeps84 said:
That may be to much!
To go big fuel you will need to have the cams tuned and or replaced. :2cents:
Yes ,but thats just it , :wink: you start off rich and then tune it down to be safe...
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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