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White Mountain run???

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:scratch: Maybe but our first run is going to be up toward the White Mountains in New Hampshire agreed?:dthumb: Just need to have a decent forcast so we can post the run. Sound cool?:drool:
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I was thinking of when we get a decent day and make it a day and night affair dude.
You forgot.....

:bash: We wont be doing none of that. We got to keep it simple and you know the rules about having to much fun during a event:angelhap: We have to keep it neat because we will be wearing and representing our colors as well as the clubs name:dupe: No drinking and riding especially wearing our colors. Cant make the KRU look bad:dthumb: And the Rockstar, thats a whole different cause:crazy: :rofl3:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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