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who's got a clip style masterlink???

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I installed a new sprocket and chain set.The F.S.M. says NEVER install a clip-style masterlink, only use an endless chain or a rivet style mas. link.Question is;anyone elses manual say the same thing,and do you also run the clip anyway??? I can't see why they would warn against this.The set I ordered was specifically for this bike,but never specified or gave a choice as to the masterlink :scratch: Maybe just a liability thing???
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I do prefer a endless chain but, I have used the clip style in the past without any issues.
I think you had some useful info. Whats most important is to make sure the job is done correctly. Either can come apart if not installed correctly.
I just feel more comfortable with my chain riveted. When my bikes only turned like 12k rpm at way less than 150mph. I didn't care what chain I used or how it was attached.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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