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who's got a clip style masterlink???

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I installed a new sprocket and chain set.The F.S.M. says NEVER install a clip-style masterlink, only use an endless chain or a rivet style mas. link.Question is;anyone elses manual say the same thing,and do you also run the clip anyway??? I can't see why they would warn against this.The set I ordered was specifically for this bike,but never specified or gave a choice as to the masterlink :scratch: Maybe just a liability thing???
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yea...i've always used the rivet style on all of mine. I dont think i would be able to ride hard if i thought that that little clip was the only thing holding my chain together. I'm sure they wouldnt have much trouble or anything, they sell wayyy too many of them for they to be that big of a POS. I guess its just kind of a preference thing for me.
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