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who's got a clip style masterlink???

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I installed a new sprocket and chain set.The F.S.M. says NEVER install a clip-style masterlink, only use an endless chain or a rivet style mas. link.Question is;anyone elses manual say the same thing,and do you also run the clip anyway??? I can't see why they would warn against this.The set I ordered was specifically for this bike,but never specified or gave a choice as to the masterlink :scratch: Maybe just a liability thing???
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Gas Man said:
Well I had a chain come apart on the highway doing about 80mph and at about 8K RPM on the motor. The endless link was installed by a buddy of mine helping with the wrenching and he put it in wrong/half assed! When it came out/ off the front sprocket it whipped like a...whip!! Taking out the front sprocket cover, the water pump and the shaft that drives off that and drives the oil pump.

Then on the way off the bike it shredded my new tire hugger, hit the undertail and busted that and scratchin the swingarm!

Needless to say I don't let people put those in for me and I won't trust clip style either!!!!

I don't remember what I replaced my chain with...I let Wheeler take care of all that at the GAP last year. He knows what he's doing so I didn't pay much attention when he put it on.
Gas Man said:
Ya... wheelers ROCKS!!!
:cheers: :dthumb: :dthumb: :dthumb: :cheers:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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