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We all know one, the hardcore rider that rides against reason and weather. Who is he/her?

I have to tell about this guy at my work. Hes 60ish and rides a Yammy Venture cruiser thing. He gave me the tour of it and it was nuts. AM/FM cassette, hitch, wireless thingies everywhere (you get it). I figgered hes just another fair weather cruiser guy (like the harley guy that works there too). But this guy is HARDCORE! He has a truck which ive never seen, he only rides. We had a hurrricane baring down on us and we were getting off when the rain and winds started. I drove that day, he rode anyway and battled the wind and rain. It was 35 and freezing driving rain, i drove to work and his bike was already parked out front. He also owns NO harley stuff. He rides in layers of carhart work suits if its cold and a full face flip up helmet always. His wife is on oxyagen (sp) so he pulls a trailer of it and she sits there hooked up while they ride. Hes on his 3rd Venture and already has more miles than i do. His son bought a sportster from indiana and he flew up there and rode it back last september. This guys the real deal and thought id share. :dthumb:
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Gas Man said:
N4S! Your pedal in place bike doesn't count!
:lol: :lol: :withstupi :lol: :crazy: :lol:
bulldogdefensivetacl said:
i met this guy at leguna seca last year that said he had 3 ducaties and he was riding the MATRIX one and said that his family was to expencive so he divorced them and dident really look back and now has 3 DUCs because of it !!! i dont know if that is morally right or not but hey he is a a rider at heart :skep:
:seeya: I owen two Duc's and one GSXR, family still intact. :dthumb:
His name is Vince,
I grew up with Vince and rode dirt bikes as kid's together.
He always loved the Harley's
I got a Ninja 600R and he had to have one! He worked all summer full time, part time during school and saved.
Bought a 500 Ninja in early spring, rode it all summer and still wonted a Harley.
He continued to save, sold his pickup that his dad gave him and traded the 500 for a Sportster.
He rode that thing for 2 years before he got another cage.
He still has that Sportster along with a SoftTail Deuce and a big Heritage Classic.

YES we still ride together when I feel like putting around so he can keep up! :lol:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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