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Who's the real postwhore? CLOSED FOR UPGRADES!!

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OK OK we all know N4S is the real postwhore!!!

What I mean is compare the post per day #!

This way, if you've only been here a while but you are a :whore: , for example Chev, you can get your recorgnition.

Maybe you had a day like Capt, yesterday, and your posting per day # went up 2 points or somin...

You can find out your post per day # by clicking on your own name from many spots.

A post
Members list
Who's online list
or anywhere you see your name!
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Im at like 4.7 per day....

thats cuz everything that I type is a GEM! A FREAKIN GEM I TELL YA!!!

Bah, what am I doing sitting here bein a :whore: ... Im goin riding :)
Yeah, that blows... We need it though now!

Dang, now I gotta go to work :D

At least it is staying warmer longer now, I was out last night until about 10:00 with no cold probs... So head out for a bit after work!
Gas Man said:
Yeah it's great for night time riding but the daytime riding will then start to suck!!
Nah, ya just gotta go faster than normal :)
4.9 per day woo!

.... and again, time to quit whorin' for today, its oil change and bike wash day :)
No GN4 At the bike shop. No Oily Changey today :mad:
Hey, what happened to the 750 n4s? Get something new or just shorten the name?
1 - 9 of 501 Posts
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