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Who's the real postwhore? CLOSED FOR UPGRADES!!

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OK OK we all know N4S is the real postwhore!!!

What I mean is compare the post per day #!

This way, if you've only been here a while but you are a :whore: , for example Chev, you can get your recorgnition.

Maybe you had a day like Capt, yesterday, and your posting per day # went up 2 points or somin...

You can find out your post per day # by clicking on your own name from many spots.

A post
Members list
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or anywhere you see your name!
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chev said:
come on Gas Man....3 away from 4k.
Can we say :whore: :whore:
Gas Man said:
Ya :wtf: Bull get to it! Even Twisty is working on passing you in total posts...

Maybe I can up my :whore: numbers by following the "leader" this afternoon!
Gas Man said:
You need to do something cause your PPD is only 2.01
I give up already. Just dont have it in me to sit and post for 24/36/48 hours straight. Its Friday and I need to be drinking some beer and picking up fat drunk chicks!!!! Just Kidding!!!! Even I know I could not pick up a fat drunk chick even if I had a $100 bill hanging from my zipper! :bash:
Gas Man said:
Yep Yep...
I must bow down :bowdown: to the :whore: king. How does he do it. (assuming when or if he does it, its probably D-style so he can set the laptop (wireless) on his womans back). You lil post whore you!!! :whore:
Gas Man said:
Man... I'm going to pass N4S TODAY!!!

Currnet image of Gas Man at home..........

someone is on a mission when they have almost 12% of ALL posts in this forum. Gas leave some to the other 900+ members. LOL
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Gas Man said:
Hey I'm on a mission today and haven't posted sense yesterday morning.. I have to catch up!

Ya know what I'd do with all the time you spend post whorin????

2 Chicks at the same time!
(remake of the office space quote)
Gas Man said:
I have now officially beat the :whore: N4S!!!

This is my 8,306th post!

I am the :king: :whore: regardless what goes on!!!

YEA for ME!!!!

:whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore:

I bet the wife is proud. :bash:
Gas Man said:
Hey Jeeps... I guess I should have taken that bet! You could have paid me at the GAP! :lol:

You know your a post whore when......
You "quote" yourself in your own reply! :whore: :lols:
Anoyone who posts while on a trip to the Dragon (Deals Gap) DEFINATELY deserves title "King Post Whore". :thumbs:
Need4Speed said:
Wouldnt that make you a king post whore too ace? :lol:

Me? King Post Whore? LMFAO! Not quite, we have returned from the Dragon trip (Yesterday). So no posts from me while at the Gap! Still cant believe Gas Man had mad skills to be riding through the Dragon, with Laptop on hte tank, and posting via WiFi! One Crazy Mo Fo! :lol:
chev said:
That avatar is pretty funny....and also just more proof of what a postwhore Gas is and that he has entirely way too much time on his hands!!!! :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore:

Gas Man is and always will be King Post Whore :whore:
But he has some competition with a New Thread Starter Whore (any guesses??) :lol:
:dthumb: :pat: :cheers:
fatburg said:
Hey ACE, try not to double or triple post, I might actually hypnotize myself if there was more than one :wredx:
Do you
mean? :nonod:
fatburg said:
or is it who's in your bed calling your name...hmmmm :scratch:

Good morning all. Gonna be at the tough day at the office, gotta hate power outages. Atleast the internet connection on my laptop still works. Anyone else go through some nasty storms last night?

Monday my office had no power after bad Sunday night storms...had the advantage of working from home...if you want to call that work. LOL
Gas Man said:
Yeah thanks!
Its "good" but not as good as my dancer
Gas Man said:
You dancer is hott :yum: but It isn't big enough for me to look at her boobies!!! :lol:
Well if my dancer wont do it, then use all the porn on your computer :dthumb:
chev said:
ACE, where do you get all the silly crap (avatars and pictures) that you post on here?
Out of my magic hat, of course!
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PhoenixGirlie said:
Google is your friend. :dthumb:
What is google?
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