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Who's the real postwhore? CLOSED FOR UPGRADES!!

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OK OK we all know N4S is the real postwhore!!!

What I mean is compare the post per day #!

This way, if you've only been here a while but you are a :whore: , for example Chev, you can get your recorgnition.

Maybe you had a day like Capt, yesterday, and your posting per day # went up 2 points or somin...

You can find out your post per day # by clicking on your own name from many spots.

A post
Members list
Who's online list
or anywhere you see your name!
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You hava alot of work to do then. Pick up the pace!!!!!!!

JK 3.59 post per day
Drewpy 10.48 ppd
Jeeps 11.44 ppd
Bulldog 17.10 ppd
Gsxr750DJ 23.27 ppd
Gas Man 23.73 ppd

(from the post whore thread)
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To make your thread really popular, just include "post whore" in the title.

  1. Whats the best oil to use post-whore
  2. post whore rode today
  3. post whore bull bashing
  4. Gas man wants to post whore

...and such. :bonk:
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excuse me.........but................. :whore:! yeah!!!
drewpy said:
cough :whore: cough
. . . .
I missed my own mile stone... post 600 passed with out me noticing. So i have a short story in its honor.

A kid on a motorized scooter gave me the motorcycle wave as we passed eachother today. I waved back. it was funny. the end. happy 600 me!!!!
I wish American Lemans and Touring cars were covered like NASCAR. Its more interesting to me to see M3's, Caddy CTS-V's, 911's, Mustangs, etc. all beating the hell outta eachother. NASCAR< if it werent for the paint you couldnt tell one manufacturer from another. :2cents:

that being said... i still catch a little NASCAR. :shrug:
Watching Taurus' and Monte Carlos cant be as nice as watching these...

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And were oh so proud of our monte carlo and taurus :skep:
Post no. 800!!!!! Its not much but at my snails pace its significant! :pat:

:whore: BAM!!!
i need to catch up with yall. I got you in my sights 636!
:yaewn: *yawn* Good morning. *stretch* :yaewn:
You need something like this... untill youre defeated BWAHAHAHAH!
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well he DOES get punched in the face for a living...
sure beats getting punched in the face for nothing. :rofl:
bulldog said:
well with 25 posts per day you better pass him up OMFG i wish i had that kinda time...... lol lucky bums
thats what you get for going to school and all that nonsense! no time to PW for you!
Ace said:
You know your a post whore when......
You "quote" yourself in your own reply! :whore: :lols:
+10 :yesnod:
It they wont do the reasearch to understand... they dont DESERVE to understand! :wink:
'Cmon N4S, youre the nearest to Gas... go git him! Hes got it way too easy right now. :D
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