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Who's the real postwhore? CLOSED FOR UPGRADES!!

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OK OK we all know N4S is the real postwhore!!!

What I mean is compare the post per day #!

This way, if you've only been here a while but you are a :whore: , for example Chev, you can get your recorgnition.

Maybe you had a day like Capt, yesterday, and your posting per day # went up 2 points or somin...

You can find out your post per day # by clicking on your own name from many spots.

A post
Members list
Who's online list
or anywhere you see your name!
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JK_DILLA said:
The smileys are conviently shuffled! ANd look whats on the front row.........
........................... :whore: :whore: :whore: :whore: BAM!!!
I noticed that too! and I love it! :whore: :whore:
jeeps84 said:
I'm just trying to raise my level tonight before I go to bed! I gotta be close! :whore:
Gas Man said:
29.20 PPD

Gee I am :king:
13.98 PPD will I ever catch up. :lol: I'm tryin :whore:
14.04 PPD now :whore:
i'm at 14.00 PPD now, I'll have to whore it up when I get home from work. Lunch break isn't goin to do it. I would whore it up at work, but I have to get some freakin programming done that just isn't working out. I just wanna smash something.
1 - 5 of 501 Posts
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