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Who's the real postwhore? CLOSED FOR UPGRADES!!

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OK OK we all know N4S is the real postwhore!!!

What I mean is compare the post per day #!

This way, if you've only been here a while but you are a :whore: , for example Chev, you can get your recorgnition.

Maybe you had a day like Capt, yesterday, and your posting per day # went up 2 points or somin...

You can find out your post per day # by clicking on your own name from many spots.

A post
Members list
Who's online list
or anywhere you see your name!
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me me me!!!
zx636r said:
no no no!!!
You will see young one. :rofl:
hehehe YOU.
I'm 24
JK_DILLA said:
well he DOES get punched in the face for a living...
Sounds like a fun job :lol:
Ace said:
Gas Man is and always will be King Post Whore :whore:
But he has some competition with a New Thread Starter Whore (any guesses??) :lol:
I am the Queen Post Whore! :leaving:
drewpy said:
phoenix girl is that you in your avatar?.......insert :tonguewag: smiley here

:lol: yeah its me :wink:
Low said:
:rofl3: :rofl3: Now that's funny right there... :neen:
I'm glad I'm keeping you entertained...I'll be here all week :rofl:
jeeps84 said:
As DJ would say, "Your all a bunch of :whore: "
minus the "post" yes yes I am :rofl:
drewpy said:
i was just in phoenix in april, never saw anyone like your avatar, then again all i saw was mexicans and indians, where the hell did all the cowboys and cowgirls go?....
There are cowboys in Arizona? Where? lol

oh and mexicans are :drool:

that is all

drewpy said:
same diffrence about no. :cursin:
fatburg said:
That's why Kansas City is or poor...we're all White Trash :cheers:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Gas Man said:
See... you all are posting up 2, 3, and 4 times in a row posting about nothing.. at least my 9 thousand somin posts are all quality!! What the $hit!

LIES! ALL LIES!! :whistle: :hug:
Gas Man said:
I'm with ya..the bed is calling my name!!
I like when my bed calls my name :rofl:

Hey Gas is that TWF on beavis and buttheads TV? :rofl:
Gas Man said:
Yep Yep... TWF on B&B's tv... isn't it great!
That is awesome I love it :rofl:
chev said:
ACE, where do you get all the silly crap (avatars and pictures) that you post on here?
Google is your friend. :dthumb:
Ace said:
What is google?
I'm not sure...I think its a word I just made up. :willy:
I know what it is.
*slams head on desk*
Gas Man said:
390 more posts today??? :skep: Not sure about that... I do have other things to do today...
If Gas cant do one can! Go Gas! :rofl:

Did someone forget to take their :chill: today?
1 - 20 of 501 Posts
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