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Why couldn't I have teachers like this:

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No crap Pickle... she wanted to do him cause it was wrong and excited her. Heck, I'm married and it would be wrong... come over to my house!! :drool:
VolEngineer said:
Why did the kid tell on this woman? Keep your mouth shut, dont brag and get some more tail from that fine teacher. Stupid kid. I hope he gets teased.

I wouldn't have said anything!!! Just keep tagging that fine booty and eventually you'll have so much skill that you'll be the pimp daddy in high school!! He'd be gettin all the hoes!! :lol:

twisty said:
Thats the way I like them. :sorry:
Do you want me to delete that post so Pippi don't see it? :lol:
I think I'm going to have to take a road trip!! :drool:

And you're right on VE... on the desk with the hott teacher!! That's right up there in my fantasy list!

She rejects plea deal!


I would have denied denied denied and kept tapping that....

:sorry: ladies... guy talk! :lol:
VolEngineer said:
not until the ride ended at least.
:lol: :willy: :rofl3:
Did somebody say lesbians???
Did some say video of lesbians? :drool:


ne1469 said:
Wonder if she will teach home school? if so, would I sign up? YES PLEASE :cheers:
:withstupi :drool:
1 - 10 of 28 Posts
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