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Why couldn't I have teachers like this:

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VolEngineer said:
I found another article on this earlier today, apparently she had sex with him in the car, at her townhouse, and wait for it "ON HER DESK AT SCHOOL." That little kid is the luckiest SOB on this earth to live every boy's dream with a hot teacher. I wouldn't of testified, I would of lied my ass off or chosen to take the 5th.

Well she is now a sex offender and is under house arrest, that means you can look her up on the sex offender website and go pay a visit to her house. Just wear your best school boy outfit and tighty whiteys when you go.
What her adress?

:lol: :lol:

no doubt she is a hottie
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WarpedRotor said:
Too funny Snadamo, nice pic.

Thanks! Its amazing what you can find when you google something :cheers:
Gas Man said:

She rejects plea deal!



what a [email protected]!!! Take what you can get over 15 years of prison!!!!!

BTW the kid didnt tell anybody at first. His Aunt caught them "together" and she told the kids mom, and then he fessed up.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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