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Why we wear seatbelts... so we don't end up like this fool!!!

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Probably a repost since it is on eBaum's and they are always like months old to get on there, but still a crazy video to see.
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VolEngineer said:
Who are you talking to? The thread title is just a summary of the video, not a political statement you think it is.

Anyway court costs still come because that criminals family will probably sue because of chasing him because we are a nation of moronic lawsuits. High speed chases cost us a lot of money every year no matter if they die. Most of them are for stupid reasons as well and not harden criminals. I just say if you got a chopper to stick a camera on it, don't follow them in cars. Let them go and let the chopper see where they stop and then go in. High speed chases are only good for CNN and Fox News when they run out of news stories.

I hate to admit it but :withstupi
Your right Ebbs , i viewed it again and you can see the person, you can see the legs. Holy Sh*t.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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