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Why you should never put your pic on the internet

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Click Here and yeah, its work safe, unless you're not allowed to LOL at work. :lol:
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LMAO...Awwww poor kid!!!! It's so mean, but funny.

~* ChaR *~
O M G!!!! And I didn't get pictures?!?! WTF? I'm pissed at you guys! If you were gonna dress in drag while riding, you could have at least stopped by. Sheesh! No respect... *Giggles* And Matt, it's no surprise to me that you would wear the red one. You're gay on the weekends anyhow...LMFAO!

~* ChaR *~
Need4Speed750 said:
hey now..who told u that ??? :smash:

YOU were the one who told me you were gay on the weekends. I just took your word for it. So if that means you're gay on the weekends, 2.0 is right along with ya... LMAO ;) Just kidding you guys! MUAH!

~* ChaR *~
OMG!!!! Now THAT is just plain SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

~* ChaR *~
CrunchieJD said:
That poor boy...I feel so bad for him. :lol:

Btw, Matt didn't want it known on here that he's gay on the weekends. So lets keep that hush hush!!!!

No really, he's flipping out. He's not really gay. TRUST ME.
Oh for the love of God!! I was kidding!!! Learn to take a joke a people!!! LOL

Matt should know I'm kidding.


~* ChaR *~
double2000r6 said:
Speaking of gay check this **** dog out, rumor has it that the dog is partial to young boys:
LMAO one of my friends sent that to me in an email a few weeks ago...Ugly ass looking dog. Damn! there was a parody of one of his songs with it. funny!

~* ChaR *~
1 - 6 of 38 Posts
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