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will this site have a videos section - or should videos stick to OT?

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i'm a big video fan (i choose to live vicariously through the eyes of the psychotic riders i have seen in videos) so i love to download a good bike video, will this site have a section for videos? or would they be better suited for OT?

i have a bunch now, i downloaded them from kazaa and such - but i can always watch more :D
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Dont mean to bring up an old thread, but I came across a couple that I loaded up on TWF for us...

but Im all for having a videos forum if possible...makes for much easier access to them, IMHO... :)
ShanMan14 said:
I like it, I'm just going to have to figure out where to put it.

Where is this guy anyway? Five posts and he's outta here! :yawn:
I thought he was a new member, till I saw when he joined... :shock:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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