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Will you attend the Bike Fest at Carlisle?

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R1up0n1 said:
I will be there for sure! Any luck on getting a space Shan?

I've talked to the rep and the space+tent rental is a bit expensive. I'm trying to gauge the interest, here. If only a few people respond with interest, the cost outweighs the benefit.

I'd love to provide a "hospitality tent" for everyone, but for it to sit empty or have only a few people there at a time isn't a wise check to write. :)

Last year we split the cost with 2WT, but they're in Laguna this year so we'd have to foot the whole bill.

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Hey shan 2WT is in town this weekend, know what's going on there. They also have the R6 and R1 rallies this weekend at the gap, probably for that I am guessing.

I will not be traveling to PA this year.

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nitrofish said:
I will bust my Carlisle cherry this year If all goes well:nana: :noob: .
Hope to meet alot of you there....But most of you I have no idea what you look like:lol: .
I will try to get a picture of me in my profile before the Carlisle event but I'm not very good with the image capture thing:scratch:.

Swimming your way
Wanna ride out group style?
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