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When I am cruising at freeway speeds I am getting alot of wind buffering off my helmet. Will an aftermarket windscreen deflect the air differently to help this? If so are there any suggestions of a good choice? I am riding a CBR f-2.
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Gas Man said:
I would suggest the same thing... but consider are always going to have a buffer zone where you're going to pick up the air stream coming off your speedscreen. A new speedscreeen is just going to change where that air stream is at...
And if you change it to a place higher than your helmet? :)

- Roach
The Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen is what you are going to be happiest with. They are fairly inexpensive, and depending on your bike year and model, they come in various shades (clear, light smoke, dark smoke, etc.).
Gas Man said:
And you forgot to mention that Speedwerks carry's them all! Right?
Yes, we do have those and would be more than happy to help out. We try our best not to promote ourselves in situations such as these. We prefer good word of mouth from other customers to steer people in our direction. :)
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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