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RENO, Nevada -- A Nevada woman had an advertisement tattooed on the back of her head to get money for school.

Molly Demers needed money to complete culinary school in Europe.

So the 20-year-old offered to shave her hair and sell the space on the back of her head for one year on eBay.

The highest bid, $18,000, came from

Demers said she doesn't mind being a bald billboard.

"It's worth it, and it's a small price to pay to get what I want in life," she said.

Demers' hair was donated to a local charity.

She heads off to Europe in a couple of weeks.

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Amazing that someone would actually pay for that crap. paid $10,000 a few months back for a woman to tattoo their name across her forehead. The eBay auction reached $999 and then offered her $10K plus gave her another $5,000 on tops of it for being a good sport.
This is the same company that has bought rediculous items such as the piece of toast with "virgin Mary" on it and other crazy items.

Would TWF like to purchase space on my a$$ for advertising? LMAO :lol:
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