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WOS Deal's Gap DVD

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Ok well the Gap vid will be completed by the weekend and any body that is interested in owning a copy along with tons of other cool stuff should go out to the WOS site and order it. It is in HD and widescreen capable. THX sound quality also. I think it is personally on of the best riding vids out pertaining to the gap. Super and Chev did a great job shooting from their bike and I did well what I do best, "show boat". :dthumb:

Oh it is 10 bucks+ shipping.
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Gas Man said:
I can't speak anything about this video...

Twisty, maybe you can put out a preview clip!!! ????? !!!!!

I like this idea. Twisty, do you have a preview of this for us to see??
twisty said:
Sure i will have it soon

Sweet. Will be looking forward to seeing it. :dthumb: that you and your bike on the wrong part of the Dragon??
How long is this DVD???
Sweet deal. How soon after we pay do you send it out?
desmo900rider said:
I heard Twisty grabbed his front brake at the wrong time...

...but I ain't been one to gossip, so you didn't hear that from me...

I'll be sure not to say anything to anyone. :lol:
Gas Man said:
That is some amazing $hit!!! There is a bike that looks just like Twisty's GSXR 1K in the ditch and there is a guy that looks like Twisty standing over it!! :D THAT'S WIERD!!


Smartarse. :lol: :bonk:
If between all of us here on TWF come up with $10 to put in your paypal acct....will you post it on here??? :lol: :bonk:

I had to ask before someone else did. :crazy:
cerveja said:
Blue Pills, Red Pills, Yellow Pills, who can keep track? I get so confused!!

Sometimes I do the "Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Moe" thing, sometimes I just grab a handful and munch on them all day long like trail mix.

Just take them all. :lol:
Captain Morgan said:
IF they do that, then I want my $10 back, because I already ordered the video. :lol:

LOL :lol:
I just ordered mine. :dthumb:
Captain Morgan said:
I don't need a cover. Just write "WOS at the Gap" with a Sharpie, and I'm cool. ;) Seriously.

:lol: :dthumb:
twisty said:
Should be sent monday folks....

Thats what I'm talking about. And if its not sent out on monday...I get to ride the 1000 down at the gap. :D
twisty said:
Ill let you ride it to the gas station to fill it up for me sure....:lol:

That is going to be the gas station of my choice right?? LOl I know it won't be a close one. hehhe
that'll work for me. :thumbs:
cerveja said:
Have no fear, if Twisty's got your bike he'll only use half of it. He's never had a real good use for the front tire while on the street anyways....

:rofl: :willy: :thumbs:
I just want to say thanks to Twisty for sending out the DVD that I just got today. :dthumb: Video was great. Lots of good footage of the Gap and some nice riding from the other members of WOS as well. Once again...thanks. :dthumb:
1 - 17 of 67 Posts
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