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WOS Deal's Gap DVD

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Ok well the Gap vid will be completed by the weekend and any body that is interested in owning a copy along with tons of other cool stuff should go out to the WOS site and order it. It is in HD and widescreen capable. THX sound quality also. I think it is personally on of the best riding vids out pertaining to the gap. Super and Chev did a great job shooting from their bike and I did well what I do best, "show boat". :dthumb:

Oh it is 10 bucks+ shipping.
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WOS, arent they a bunch of peeps who can't keep up with us PA riders? :leaving:

I'll check it out, definately deal!! :dthumb:
bumblebee said:
That is so true today...I believe the only competitive sport they are participating in right now is shoveling :lol:
:rofl: :rofl:
Gas Man said:
Don't laugh too hard there are very easily able to get massive amounts of snow...
don't jinx me u tard!!!! :smash:
How bout you give all the neato TWF mods one for xmas..cuz we're just that cool! :wink:

seriously though, I'll order one on monday, any edge I can get for next spring will only benefit me more.
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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