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WOW Here Twisty

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What do you think of this Suzuki Twisty???

Suzuki presented their G-Strider concept motorcycle, a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle. The two wheeler is powered by a 916 cc engine with automatic transmission.
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Ahh my two little pws are squabbling again - how cute... lol..

You can keep that Suzuki bro - that thing is junk. Automatic trans? WTF is that?
jeeps84 said:
MP left it open calling Suzuki junk!
Could'nt resists.
Besides it probably catch my Gixxer 6 pretty easy to! :lol:
But with that shaft drive I blister it in left hand corners!
I didn't mean Suzuki is junk - I meant that particular bike is junk. Who the fouck would put an automatic on a bike? That is like a Mustang Cobra with an auto?? Get the fouck outta here. That is what I don't like about it and the design also - it looks tacky. But I had no intention of downing Suzuki as a whole. I have respect for their bikes. I just re-read it and you misunderstood - word for word I said you can keep that Suzuki. That thing is junk - Not Suzuki sucks. But whatever. If it amuses you to take my words out of context and befowl yourself as well as pretend that any Suzuki could ever hold a candle to the Yamahas than have at it. Good luck in Utopia bro.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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