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wow, i got it up. :)

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man, i was riding down my street in first gear, decided to twist the throttle, well, the front end came up (6-7rpm) and wow, i put it right back down, the bike was just coming up easy, verry easy. i decided to put the bike back in the garage since my nervs started getting tense.
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Now you need to work up to the 6th gear 10,000 RPM wheels stands at the top of the hill up the back straight a Mosport... the fist time it happend to me on my little 500 I about dropped a load in my leathers...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the top of the hill by the old tree at the old Loudon (Bryar Motorsport Park) before they runied it for NASCAR! Getting the front wheel down on my old 87 FZR1000 Superbike before the 180...

There is exiting the chicane at the end of the back straight at Pocono on the original read REAL F-USA course on my 89 FZR1000 Superbike trrying to get it healed over to the right to get around the banking only to have the flock of TZ750's pass you like you are bolted to the ground at 11,500 in 5th tucked under the paint... Let alone the year they brought the YZR500's :yikes: :yikes:

Then there is the front straight under the bridge at Bridgehampton and Summit Point before they repaved it and the chuck hole at Neslson Ledges and the off camber left hander at Mid Ohio and 2,3,4, and 5 at Watkins Glen before the Bus Stop...

Dammit where are my leathers... :cry: :cry: :cry:
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