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wow, i got it up. :)

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man, i was riding down my street in first gear, decided to twist the throttle, well, the front end came up (6-7rpm) and wow, i put it right back down, the bike was just coming up easy, verry easy. i decided to put the bike back in the garage since my nervs started getting tense.
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:welcome: the world of one wheel!!
The scary part is the shake when it comes back down. I try to stay away from wheelies.
That's why a stabalizer is needed!!!
jeeps84 said:
I thought Bee or Jet started this thread.:whistle: :lol:
:lol: Yeah everytime I see the title... I laugh!
jeeps84 said:
Looks like you answered your own questions.
No doubt! A :whore: in training! :D
Lots of practice.... I hate telling people much about this stuff... I don't want anybody to get too far ahead of themselves...
GNH... I already stated that! :nonod: :lol:
slam150 said:
so the rpm's have to be high and the shift can be done with out the clutch? it dosent seem to work on my bike, and i got the rpm up to 9k and still couldnt shift with out the clutch.
It works on all just got to find the sweet spot!
Every rider will figure it out with expierence!
1 - 8 of 53 Posts
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