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wow, i got it up. :)

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man, i was riding down my street in first gear, decided to twist the throttle, well, the front end came up (6-7rpm) and wow, i put it right back down, the bike was just coming up easy, verry easy. i decided to put the bike back in the garage since my nervs started getting tense.
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I thought Bee or Jet started this thread.:whistle: :lol:
Looks like you answered your own questions.
slam150 said:
k, well, i will try to learn how to keep getting it up, then worry about changing gears laterl. :):cheers:
That's the best way.
When you start trying to shift. You do that on the way up. If you wait till your at the balance point. It may send you on over.
slam150 said:
so when you feel the front end coming up, i should shift into second?
It takes lots of practice and patients but, YES
buellx1 said:
if you change your shift pattern so its 1 up 4 down its easier by the way
slam150 said:
ok, how in the heck do i go about doing that? i didnt know you could do that, that would be sic, and i was originaly used to that type of a shifting setup.
All you have to do is, remove the shift linkage at the transmission and turn it 180 degrees so the shift rod is on top or visa versa. You may have to adjust the position a few times to get it to feel right and takes even longer to get use to actually shifting that way. BTW it is communally known as the GP shift pattern.
slam150 said:
naa, i was thinking about it, and it dosent seem that the shifting position would be wack. but i do think that shifting while doing a wheelie is going to be very, very dangerous.
Don't do anything you don't feel comfortable trying.:2cents:
slam150 said:
well, thats the thing with these new 05 kawi ninjas. they dont seem to be able to shift with out pulling the clutch in at least a little bit.
Your just not at the right RPM when your trying to shift. Up shifts can be done smoothly and clutchless if you do it right. I don't recommend trying down shifts although it can be done also. Its hard on the tranny.
Its not something that is easy to explain.
You have to match the RPM with the speed while giving just enough throttle to carry through into the next gear.
It doesn't matter if your going slow or fast. If you do it right. The shifts will be smooth. I know it can be done on your bike. I see it done smoothly by a veteran rider on a regular basis.
SVupON1 said:
:cheers: :dthumb: more practice and you will get better.
:withstupi :dthumb:
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