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Wrecked 91Katana 600

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I wrecked my 91 Katana 600 on Sat night and its in the tow yard. I hit a deer at like 40-50mph. The tranny and motor ran great when it was runnng, and gauges and some other **** is still good, plastices are garbage, so if someone wants to pay the tow fee $135 and the storage of like $100-150, u can have the bike, i just want to be rid of it but dont have the $ to get it out. live in Chicago and the bikes got a clean title so if anyones interested let me know.
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No Worries said:
Strip off all the plastics and make a hooligan bike. It's real popular in Europe.
:withstupi :iagree: :luck:
Gas Man said:
I think they're onto something... you don't need no plastics.... sounds like a reason for a stunter bike....
Katana not a good stunt bike.
They take a pizza pan sprocket to get the front up at a controllable pace.
They do look cool with that euro headlight and fly screen.
Gas Man said:
Well I wasn't sure... a F2 doens't make a good stunt bike but I've seen that before too!
No bike makes a good stunt bike! :2cents:
What a waist!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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