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WTB GSXR1100W Parts

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I am currently building an old school 7-11 for a fellow and we are looking for a few missing bits. Suzuki says all of it is backorder 6-8 weeks. I just want this thing done and out of my shop.

Need countershaft nut and lock plate
Lower rad hose (short one into waterpump)
Countershaft sprocket cover
oil cooler and lines

All of the above is for 1100W models (93-98)

If anyone can help email [email protected]
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I have been watching Evilbay like a hawk. Watercooled parts are hard to come by. There are craploads of oil cooled/SRAD/late model but not much for the W model. He wants it for the street/trackdays its in the paintshop right now getting a replica Skoal IOM TT paint job. I will post some posts when I get it done. If I ever get it done :cry:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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