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WTB: Pair of motocycle pants leather, textile, jean, let me know what you have....

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I need a pair of pants. I would prefer something that is black and grey to match my jacket and bike. I have a CBR 600F4i fyi.
I am open to any kind of pants just let me know what you have.

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What size are you looking for? I was planning on putting my leathers up on eBay this weekend. They have some rash on them, but they're still good. I sold the bike last year and planned on keeping them, but I'll be waiting longer than expected to buy a new bike. I'll be selling boots, gloves, and two sets of leathers. I'm keeping my helmet for a bit longer, though. I'm about 5'6", 130 lbs, if that gives you an idea as to the size of leathers. I'll have to get exact sizes when I get home tonight.
jimbo69ny said:
I guess the size would depend on how they fit. I ware size 38 jeans normaly. What size do you have?
If you wear size 38 in jeans, then my leathers won't fit you. I wear size 30 (waist) in jeans.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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