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WTB used 954 engine

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I am looking for a good used 954 engine to replace mine that has a spun rod bearing.
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I do wheelie the bike alot. The funny thing is that I had a 929 before and rode it the same way and never had any problems. I shelled my first engine on the 954 at 1800 miles. That was fixed under factory warranty. At 3000 miles the bike was taken out of my garage without me knowing by my roommates friend. He managed to low side it and crack the stator cover. that dumped the oil and then he started it and rode about 100 yds back to the garage. Thats why i need an engine, warranty wouldnt touch that.
Gas Man said:
Either A. replace the cover, add new oil, and take it back to the dealer and make them fix it.

or B. take it someplace and drop it back on that side and report it stolen! Then you can get your insurance company to cover it...

But I like the first one better!
I have received some money from him already. The problem is it hit hard enough that it cracked the block next to the stator cover. Thats why the dealer would not touch it. It sucks but I just won an ebay auction for amotor so I guess now im going to attempt to remove the old engine.. :cry:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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