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You know you're a Squid if...LOL

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:hi: Found this on the site Gas Man has in his signature, wideopensportbikes .... :lol:

overall, pretty funny stuff !!
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:lol: There's no helmet law here, so the squids are plentiful.

Something I notice a lot lately are the sport bike riders who bring their helmets, only they have them hanging off the helmet clip when they ride. :lol: Jackazzes.

The tank tops and sandals is also one of my favorites. :D

I dropped my bike in the driveway, though, so I guess I can't point the finger too much. :ack:
This just reminded me of a buddy in highschool that had all the mirrors in his car set so he could look at himself. lmfao
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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