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You know you're a Squid if...LOL

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:hi: Found this on the site Gas Man has in his signature, wideopensportbikes .... :lol:

overall, pretty funny stuff !!
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I noticed alot of riders up the Bike Fest last month, having their helmets strapped to the bike..Im like, whats the point, so people think your responsible atleast some of the time?? :ack: I mean if your sitting in bump n go traffic, maybe thats one thing to take it off, since your not moving awhole lot (which was the case closer to the grounds) but these guys/gals had thiers strapped to the bike going to I-83 at over 100 mph.. :shock:

Im guilty of looking at myself in windows when riding by..some i'll alittle bit of a squid I guess too :lol:
I dont understand the deal w/ quarter or half shells either to be honest...most sportbikers wear full face, for obvious reasons..but the quarter & half shells will protect the top of your head, but hell, what about the rest :shock: I mean, if you go down, the top of your head is nice n safe, but your face, the sides and back of your head are all mangled up..I just dont understand. I know b/4 the PA helmet law was lifted, it was a rebel act for alot of riders, wearing only the bare minimum to be legal, but now that its lifted, they still wear them alot of the time..why bother..but thats just me.
You mean this guy...:bonk:

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From You know your a squid if...

Hey Shan...this sound familiar

You Armor-All your tires before riding. ;) :smilelol:
ShanMan14 said:
Newbie mistake. :ack:
speaking of newbie mistake along those lines, I was washing my bike yesterday, and wife came out with the amor-all..and was like, honey do you want me to make your tires shine like the ones on the car ??? :shock: :shock:

Fortunately I was able to stop her as she was putting the amor'all on the rag!! :lol:
yeah its all good...she's really trying to learn alot since her MSF course comes up soon, and she doesnt want to go in there not knowing anything so I've been giving her little tips and info so she'll feel more comfortable..and hell, she already knows rule #1..dont put amor-all on the tires.. :lol:
GSXR750DJ said:
Its good to hear that she NOW knows not to try to make those tires nice and shiney. :) Yes, you do know she meant well and loves helping her hubby out with his new toy. Is she going to get a bike as well or ride your old one with you?
she cant even get my 83 yamaha off the kick stand, so needless to say, she'll be looking for something along the lines of an EX500, GS500E, CBR600f2, etc. She "should" be able to handle that. ;)
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