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You young guys learning Chinese

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China took over America for purchasing power :sob: American companies are global companies :nonod: With global economy American business is looking outside Americia such as China, major threat.

Anybody feel threat of global economy is going to hurt America in long term?
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People like you who think America is safe and secure from China is reason why China is slowly taking over America :cry:
Projected China will be number one econmic power in ten years
Need4Speed750 said:
so exactly what are you trying to say ! :pat:
America better look after its own :pat:
Port of Oakland has full container ships coming in from China, those same container ships go back to China with two thirds of containers empty. :nonod: American jobs lost mean more Chiness working.
China is also using its huge trading surplus to purchase American government debt which totals over $500 billion todate.
China is also building up its Navy to be number one in world. Naval ship plants in China are going 24 hours a day :crazy:
In near future China could take over America in a number of ways from econmic might to military might :sob:
SELF PORTRAIT ? :bash: :whistle:
Pig lives in dream troll world :crazy:
Wonder if he supports China's support off North Korea :rant:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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