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Your Suzies horsepower???

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Hey guys, I build some of the fastest GSXR's in the country. Let me know if you have any tech questions, I would be more then happy to try and help.
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That pipe doesnt peak well at the top of the power curve, but the mid range picks up pretty good. Have you had it dyno'd yet?? Im a big fan on the Hindle pipes for the Suzuki bikes. I make good all around power with them, they fit a little ****ty at first but they make good numbers.
Make sure that what ever Dynojet had on there map for you pipe and add ons, that you adjust it by 10% more on fuel, their maps come a little lean. But you should be looking at the 160hp mark or better with a good tune.

jeeps84 said:
I do mostly mountain street ridding and track days about once a month. Top end isn't that important to me for there isn't really anywhere to opne'er up around here. I just love the looks of that pip. If it actually helps the mid-range. I think Ill like it.
Never dynoed and never really cared but, sense you asked. What would you expect from this bike?

Edit: It has the Yosh Titanium can.
No 170 is about right, Ive seen 175 on a 2005 model with a Hindle and PCIII
It depends on the rings and who's shop it came from. I have an engine dyno and a chassis dyno, the engine dyno is the best place to break it in. Once an engine is out of my shop, its ready to go, grip it and rip it. But really the first 100 miles is very crucial to the motors life. Lots of people think that you should break it in the way you want to ride. This is not true. If you break in a motor correctly and dyno it, it will make more hp then the guy who rode it like he stold it.
Breaking the motor in consists of changing the rpm levels to keep the bike at a varied rate, this seats the rings and seals, do not push over 70 mph for the first 100 miles and just keep the rpm's changing. dont sit at one level for too long
Thank you all for such a warm welcome!!
Mike to get 170rwhp on your 750, your going to have to get into the cylinder head, a good porting and while your in there, throw a intake cam and slotted cam sprockets then do the PC3R and the dyno.
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