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Your Suzies horsepower???

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Hey guys, I build some of the fastest GSXR's in the country. Let me know if you have any tech questions, I would be more then happy to try and help.
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I got one.
2005 GSXR 1000 with G pack, PCIII usb, BMC filter and Yosh TRC head pip.

What kind of gain or loss would you expect to get form using this pip?

Harris GP style exhaust
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What's a G pack?
Same thing as TRE.
I do mostly mountain street ridding and track days about once a month. Top end isn't that important to me for there isn't really anywhere to opne'er up around here. I just love the looks of that pip. If it actually helps the mid-range. I think Ill like it.
Never dynoed and never really cared but, sense you asked. What would you expect from this bike?

Edit: It has the Yosh Titanium can.
Spiderman said:
Make sure that what ever Dynojet had on there map for you pipe and add ons, that you adjust it by 10% more on fuel, their maps come a little lean. But you should be looking at the 160hp mark or better with a good tune.
I expected a little more. :disapp: I have a buddy with the same bike and mods. He had his dynoed at 2600 feet ASL. I don't remember the exact numbers but I know the HP was right at 170 RWHP. I have no problem out running him but I am about 40lb lighter.
Gas Man said:
Listen to Jeeps being all :disapp: about 160... :lol:
Yea! Now I'm going to have to Dyno it just to see where I really stand.:crazy:
Spiderman said:
No 170 is about right, Ive seen 175 on a 2005 model with a Hindle and PCIII
THX spider. I may still have it done just out of curiosity.
Gas Man said:
Ya... Jeeps... definately get a before dyno run before you remap it..
If I actually get the new pip. I was thinking of having it dyno tuned anyway. I'm sure it wont be any trouble getting a before install run.
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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