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Your Suzies horsepower???

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Hey guys, I build some of the fastest GSXR's in the country. Let me know if you have any tech questions, I would be more then happy to try and help.
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Mike to get 170rwhp on your 750, your going to have to get into the cylinder head, a good porting and while your in there, throw a intake cam and slotted cam sprockets then do the PC3R and the dyno.
Spiderman, where in chicago are you... I would love to stop by
I haven't had mine on the shop dyno since the work I had done. :sorry: :here: :here: :here:
What work BB?
im about to do the intake cam mod on my '01 busa. i already got the APE cam sprockets, do i just need 2 line them up on the dots as per the site ( ) and they r good to go, or do i also need 2 degree them once they r in the engine as well?

also, i am going 2 b installing a nitrous kit (still not sure on wet or dry, use a 250 shot wet kit in my camaro, and like the idea of the fuel being added with it, but i heard for the 40 or 80 shots, it isnt needed). anywho.. is there anything i need 2 do to the cams degreeing wise for this.. or just make sure my timing is set?
Hi, I just bought a GSXR1000 K8 with the Yushimura EVO II kit.
I would like to know your opinion as a professional about a complete tuning program,
to cut the long story short I would like to know what should I do to boost this bike a little more up but still keep it safe (for example if I boost HP and brakes and suspension must be modified as well to keep me out of a graveyard.. :p )

I would like the best balanced way to raise up all stats a little more higher... I am not talking to make this thing a NASA rocket..

I just want it to be a little better than the stock ones and the rest of the stock competitors (Ninjas CBRs etc) That means that I am interested to be at a HP range of 190 to 210 HP (I mean real dyno HP) and the tork power about real 11 to 12 or maybe 13/XXXXX kgr/rpm, I

f possible tell me about the price too, I do not care of it since ill get what I want but I don’t not like to be cheated either, I mean to pay more than I get...

and something more, should I get rid of these EVOs to get the results I want or they could fit in a tuning program as well?

I apologize for my English but its not my native language... :)

Oh.. Could you tell me more about G packs? Do they "corrupt" the engine slowly with the pass of time or are they ok for 24/7 use? Is there something I should pay attention too? like G pack specs or Manufacture?.

[keep in mind that I want to keep it a Suzuki Gixxer.. :) but a litle more agressive and with a better top speed (not that I will reach it more like 3 times in a year.. but I still want it.. :p ).. I dont want this tuning program to change it to an completely other bike.. :) ]

I thank you in advance. :)
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I have an 07 600 with Leo Vince slip-on, PCIII, K&N filter, TRE and -1 sprocket in the front. I've beaten an 07 750 quite easy and I weight 230 lbs. I estimate a HP of around 120 plus. Does that sound about right? I also recently removed TRE and it felt better without it, I get better throttle responce, plus it idles better too. Let me know, appreciate it.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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