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:readng: Reading up on the pm's I have been receiving, I have found that there are many more potentials out there....I think that by branching out to all the states of New England, all will benefit from what we have in Mass....I am going to see in what it's going to take but as of now, being the Prez, my decision stays as growing out. Thanks and hope to see more people join as I post at bike shops across New England.:dthumb: :twfrox:
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Riddle me this Batman.....

Hey Hammer...........I got something I've been hidding from you and I thinks it's time I opened your eyes.......a riddle to the answer.........The Town I'm from is the same as where you purchased that Bike of yours.....I know more about your Bike than You know.........ponder this my friend cause there's more to come.........:yikes:
Race me?

rider76 said:
I like riddles, but i would really like to see the video of the Kid and HAmmer setting this whole race thing!!
Yeah, Rider76 so would I, but HAMMER doesn't have the Bike to beat me... I know his Bike In and Out.......:skep:
U Know Me?

gixxer1333 said:
Creative. Ricks OLD bike. But HAMMERS new one KID. You dont bother me KID. I know more about YOU than what you think. But I tell you this, you have to go through many bikes before you get to me KID so dont waste my time. People who post in here have respect for the KRU. It seems that you don't. Post some where else KID.

You don't know me so don't even try it.....we will meet up this spring i guarantee noone else just me and you....unless u skeerd..

hey what makes your club so special....what's different about your club compared to all the others in NewEngland that make it more attractive ????
gixxer1333 said:
:iagree: I hope all the other ZUK-KRU members enjoy the family like I do.:hug:
How many members do you have ???
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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