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:readng: Reading up on the pm's I have been receiving, I have found that there are many more potentials out there....I think that by branching out to all the states of New England, all will benefit from what we have in Mass....I am going to see in what it's going to take but as of now, being the Prez, my decision stays as growing out. Thanks and hope to see more people join as I post at bike shops across New England.:dthumb: :twfrox:
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hey what makes your club so special....what's different about your club compared to all the others in NewEngland that make it more attractive ????
:readng: I really dont know whats out there but I know I have a club thats all. The people who belong to it are some of the coolist people I have ever met. I am not saying the other clubs have bad people but I know what I have, one happy family.:cheers:
you could call it DA ZUK KRU...then i could ride my honDA with you guys! LOL

It's just a name. We all ride Zooks and thats where we get ZUK-KRU from(suZUKi). All are welcomed to join us on our bike runs and events. We all ride sportbikes. So "RIDE AMONGST US" RUI.:dthumb:
:cheers: Thanks for the feedback on this thread. I have received a lot of e-mail from people who are willing to join ZUK-KRU of New England. Many agreed that by spreading out to all the states in New England, we get a chance to go ride in many loctions and meet many more people who love to ride ZOOKS. Hopefully, they will begin to post on TWF and for those who have :welcome: to the family.:dthumb:
:iagree: Life is good with Suzuki and TWF:D:twfrox:
:iagree: I hope all the other ZUK-KRU members enjoy the family like I do.:hug:
gixxer1333 said:
:iagree: I hope all the other ZUK-KRU members enjoy the family like I do.:hug:
How many members do you have ???
:sorry: Everyday it seems more want to come on board. Me and Bullitt have to go over the books to see if we can accomadate all the people who want to join.:scratch: I cant give you a accurate account but its heading in the triple digits.:dthumb:
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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