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I took some photos of the ZX-14 at the Minneapolis Cycle Show Feb.3-5th. The bike looks great in person. I can't wait to get one this spring. It's a big big and a long wheelbase. An inch longer than the 12. The riding position is great. The bars are slightly higher than the 12 and the pegs a little lower. Just about everyone put Heli-Bars on the 12 and switched to a Corbin seat to get a little more leg room, so this is good right out of the crate. The Blue one please.:drool: :yum:

Here is the link to my site. Enjoy the pics! .html

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That cutaway pic is cool.

Would you rather own the ZX14 or the Busa??
honestly... I can't see owning either... apart from them being WAY to much bike for me... I don't like the looks of either one... but if I had to choose between the two.. I'd take the ZX14 on the sole fact that not everyone has one... at least... for the first 3 months after they come out...
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