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zx-9 comfort?

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rst post here. Have a 97 m900 and have found a beautiful ZX-9r I like. But after 45min test ride I hurtl like I fell down the stairs. Oh yeah its a 2003. Think it will pass? Get Heli bars? Forget it I'm too old? (58). My Duc is'nt exactly a comfort bike so i was surprised by the pain that arrived later. TIA.
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Thanks all

Now, I'm realizing what insurance will cost. Getting some quotes. We'll see.:chill: for me.
I'll try SF again but last time I checked they don't offer MC ins in NJ. LIKE prgressive also does'nt. And many others. yes, NJ does suck.
Not sure I assume not worth their while. Altho I have talked to riders here that can get bike ins if they have car house ins by SF. We do have the highest rates in us and I'm not bragging about it.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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