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zx-9 comfort?

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rst post here. Have a 97 m900 and have found a beautiful ZX-9r I like. But after 45min test ride I hurtl like I fell down the stairs. Oh yeah its a 2003. Think it will pass? Get Heli bars? Forget it I'm too old? (58). My Duc is'nt exactly a comfort bike so i was surprised by the pain that arrived later. TIA.
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:welcome: rasta:twfrox:

Some sportbikes are so uncomfortable like that. I always sit on each bike before i consider buying one. I don't want to live with back pain when I ride.:2cents:
rasta said:
Now, I'm realizing what insurance will cost. Getting some quotes. We'll see.:chill: for me.
insurance can be a real b:tc!!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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